Clearyak is a small New Zealand family-run venture. The founders Sarah and Brook have lived full-time in the Mahurangi area for 8 years, with Brook having family ties for 30 years. They have always recognised the potential of the area and love connecting people with what is happening below the surface of the sea. They believed there was an opportunity to create a connected, unique experience for all the 300,000+ people that visit Goat Island each year.

Goat Island is the perfect location being a protected marine reserve from fishing since 1975, there is plenty of New Zealand marine life to be seen. for an environmental friendly, educational activity For those that want to see marine life up close but don't feel comfortable in the water with it, but want more than looking from a boat. This would need a lot of research, which Brook set out to do when he came across clear kayaks, PERFECT! Brook presented the idea of clear kayaks and being a true go-getter family they loved it and began the whole process. They gathered loads of information and bought the Clearyak's from a trusted source. 

It took four months to get all the relevant permissions and on January 1, 2017, Clearyak became New Zealand's first commercial operator to rent clear kayaks. Brook set up Clearyak with his cousin Maggie on New Years Day for roughly 3 hours and that's when the experience kicked off. Since then Savanna, Alex and Dave have joined the team and Clearyak has continued to bring joy to many happy customers. 

Sarah and Brook McRae