Clearyak Team

Clearyak is a small family run business with four awesome members. We all come from different backgrounds, but regardless we all carry the same love for the ocean and a passion for showing everyone else the beauty of it. We might be little, but theres no doubt we are hugely professional and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. We all live locally and have great insight to the area, so ask us about it if you would like. 

It is always great to know a little bit about who you are talking too, here is the Clearyak family and a little blurb on each of us. 

Meet The Team

Savanna Griffiths

Beach staff

Hi, Im Savanna. You will find me at the desk on the beach. My favourite part about Clearyak is looking at all the beautiful marine life and knowing they are in their natural environment with no disturbance. What i like to do outside of Clearyak: If i am not at Goat Island doing Clearyak, i will probably be at another beach. I also play hockey and enjoy being outdoors. 

Alex Rissatto

Beach staff

Hey, Im Alex. You will find me on the water talking to customers about the marine reserve and helping everyone in/out of their kayaks. Fav part about clearyak?

What i like to do outside of Clearyak: 

Brook McRae


Hey There, Im Brook. 

Sarah McRae


Hiya, Im Sarah. 

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