Health & Safety
Health and safety at Clearyak is our top priority. 
- We only operate when it is going to be a safe and fun experience.

- We closely monitor a range of marine weather forecasts to make informed decisions on whether it is safe to operate or not. Our team has gotten to know the waters of Goat Island and have a very good understanding of the conditions and their changes. We make a decision purely for the safety of our customers. 

- We have a strict operating zone permitted by Work Safe New Zealand and there is no need to really go further than 100 metres from shore to fully immerse yourself in the Goat Island Marine Reserve.

- We use high quality equipment and have experienced staff. All of our lifejackets are high quality, they are checked and serviced regularly.  

- Our staff provide a clear safety briefing outlining how to use your lifejacket and the procedure in case of emergency. 

- There are a limited number of Clearyaks on the water at any one time so that we can keep close control and our team always have a very close eye on you when you are out on the water. 

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