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About Clearyak

About Clearyak

Clearyak: Experience New Zealand’s Only Clear Kayaking

Enjoy New Zealand’s marine life up close in your very own 100% clear kayak at Motu Hā were ā Maki (Goat Island) Marine Reserve in Leigh, New Zealand.

As you paddle through the stunningly clear waters of the Goat Island Marine Reserve, you’re likely to see a variety of fish such as snapper (tāmure), red moki (nanua), blue maomao, and perhaps even some eagle rays (whai keo) and stringrays (whai).

This unique experience is unlike any other kayaking adventure, allowing you to marvel at the marine life that swims just below your Clearyak.

Fun and educational for all ages, our oldest person so far has been 76, while three is our youngest.

Goat Island Marine Reserve is a magnificent marine environment that attracts people from all over New Zealand. We must acknowledge the support of Ngāti Manuhiri, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Department of Conservation, and the local Whangateau and Leigh communities who supported us in launching this special experience to New Zealand in January 2017.

This is a family-run business run by locals, so we hope we provide great local knowledge to your experience. We can’t wait to share it with you. Book your clear kayak rental near Auckland to discover the beauty of Goat Island in New Zealand!

Why is Clearyak unique?

View the marine life beneath you as you gently paddle the reserve.

With the underwater world. A safe option.

There is no noise or sound pollution in the water compared to the engine on a powerboat, so the fish are comfortable with coming up close.

Environmental Benefits of Clearyaks

– Clearyaks are environmentally safe for the water and unobtrusive to the ecosystem.
– Clearyaks are completely self-powered and use no gas or oil; therefore there is no possibility of leaking these substances into the water.
– Clearyaks do not use excessive speed and do not disrupt the shoreline.
– Clearyaks are enjoyable to paddle and provide a great peaceful escape from day-to-day life.
– Clearyaks allow you to explore areas that you can not access by land or by motor boat.
– Clearyaks are double seated and there are never too many out at a time.
– Clearyaks allow you to become at one with the elements and enjoy the aquatic and wildlife around you without disturbing them