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Leigh Harbour Clean-Up Day!

Community Effort Shines in Leigh Harbour Clean-Up
At Clearyak, we are proud to be part of a community dedicated to preserving our beautiful marine environments. Recently, Goat Island Dive and Snorkel organized an incredible clean-up day at Leigh Harbour, bringing together local businesses, volunteers, and conservation enthusiasts for a transformative event.

Community and Conservation in Action

The clean-up day, held on a lovely autumn morning, started at the Leigh Wharf at 10:30 am. The atmosphere was filled with energy and enthusiasm as the Goat Island Dive and Snorkel crew set up gazebos and a BBQ station. Leigh Preschool even hosted a sausage sizzle, adding to the community spirit of the event.

Staff member of Goat Island Dive Crew at the Leigh Harbour Clean Up

Photo Credit : Anne Basquin

With 27 scuba divers, 15 snorkelers, and numerous volunteers on land, the turnout was fantastic. Participants scoured the harbour and its surroundings, collecting a staggering amount of rubbish. From large tires and golf balls to fishing rods and even an old oven, the variety of debris pulled from the water highlighted the importance of such initiatives. One diver even found a friendly octopus living inside an oven, demonstrating the surprising encounters that can occur during these clean-ups.

Prizes and Contributions

The event was supported by several generous sponsors, including Ti Point Reptile Park, Marine Deals, Clearyak, Goat Island Dive and Snorkel, Sculptureum, and the Sawmill.

Their contributions ensured there were exciting prizes for participants, making the hard work even more rewarding.

Educational Impact

Staff member of Goat Island Dive Crew at the Leigh Harbour Clean Up

Photo Credit : Anne BasquinOne of the standout aspects of the day was the educational impact on young participants. Children from the local community learned about the importance of looking after our Moana, reinforcing the message that our actions today directly affect the health of our planet.

A Thank You to Our Community

Although Clearyak was unable to attend the event due to commitments at Goat Island, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. Your efforts have made a significant difference in preserving our precious marine ecosystems.

The clean-up at Leigh Harbour is a testament to the power of community and collaboration. By working together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and ensure our marine environments are protected for future generations.


For more information on the clean up, check out the blog post from Goat Island Marine Reserve’s website


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