Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to ensure everyone is 100% comfortable with their Clearyak experience with no worries along the way. Here are a few frequently asked questions that we have answered for you: 

When is the best time to do our experience?

Goat Island is a beautifully protected beach allowing for our experience to be amazing all day long and not be affected by time of day. But weather can play a part, so if you have any concerns on the day please check our Operating Conditions message on the Home Page, or leave a message for our beach staff who know the conditions and can give you the best advice.

Do I need to have previous kayak experience?

It is not mandatory that you have previous kayak experience, but it is important that you can control the kayak safely in the water for your safety, and to avoid any damage on rocks. Our beach staff can teach you the basics to paddling before heading out on the water.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes, there is a weight limit for the kayaks. Each kayak can hold 200kgs; the maximum is 110kg for 1 person. It is possible for 1 person to be 110kgs and the other person 90kgs. Please don't be offended if the beach staff think that the overall weight is too heavy. We only want the best and safest experience for each person.

How many people can sit in the kayak?

Due to health and safety reasons, strictly only 2 people per kayak. If you have a child they will be seated in their own seat in front.

How safe is the experience?

Clearyak is a very mild relaxing experience. We follow strict safety procedures to ensure no one is at risk.

Will I get wet?

One of our team will carefully assist you into your kayak (think concierge kayaking) so the most you will get wet is up to your knees. We recommend bringing a change of clothes just in case.

Can I bring my camera in the kayak?

Our kayaks are flat bottom kayaks which makes them very stable and safe. We do believe as long as you have understood our safety briefing your camera/phone will be safe, BUT taking your device is at your own risk and we do not take responsibilty.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Although you will be supplied with life jackets, the following still applies: "for health and safety reasons it is mandatory that ONE person in each kayak is a competent swimmer and can swim 20 metres or more without a buoyancy aid." (There is no swimming test to undertake at the time however - you just have to be honest with us)

Do I need to catch a ferry to Goat Island?

No, it might seem a bit confusing but you will not need to get to the island itself as there is not much on there. We are located on the beach, along with all other operators. The way to the island is by your own personal kayaks, or swimming.

Can I get out of the kayak to get onto the Island?

No, Clearyak is an experience to head out and view marine life through the comfort of a 100% clear kayak. Getting too close to the rocks on the island will damage the Clearyak. You are allowed to swim to the island in your own time.

I haven't received my booking information?

If you have made a last minute booking the day before or sooner, we sometimes can not get to it in time. Please call us to confirm your booking.

Can I do the experience by myself?

We think that the experience is better shared, but you most definitely can do the experience by yourself. You will still get the same experience viewing the marine life in a Clearyak.

What transport options are there from Auckland City to Goat Island Marine Reserve?

- Hire a car and self-drive - Book a one day tour through Tour Shop - Take the Intercity bus to Warkworth and then taxi to Goat Island, Leigh (please note you will need to pre-book the taxi in advance as this is a country town).

If you have any further questions please feel free to email or text us (we can't always answer a phone call)  

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